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TreeD Filaments Industrial Line

by | May 6, 2019 | News

A new line of TreeD Filaments: for the industry that wants to use 3D printing.

The Brianza-based company that has been working with plastic materials since 1964 and it has decided to integrate its knowledge in 3D Printing since 2015, after over an year of R&D and thanks to the support of many industrial companies that have found an answer to their functional needs, it is finally ready to market a new portfolio of 3D filaments that can replace the 90% of traditional methods of transformation, injection, extrusion, blow molding and cnc machining by taking advantage of the additive printing technique.


The Industrial Line helps companies to increase the design phase in order to create components with more complex and functional geometries: the phase of mold construction can be exceeded, saving time and money.




Each material has very specific characteristics that make this Line concretely able to satisfy every need to whole production areas.


Do you work in the Packaging Industry?

Now you can count on the Industrial Line to create, for example, PAHP GS support brackets, PAHP CF pre-owen aligners, Lubratech low friction drive screws for cylindrical shapes, PPS CF gripping elements for anthropomorphic arms, PAHP NAT sensor supports, PC-ABS V0 dedicated energy transmission input curves, TPE 93 Sh/A bomber, PEEK rolling pieces in acid baths.

And much more.





Written by Treedfilaments

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