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With unwavering dedication, we wholeheartedly embrace our values throughout the meticulous filament manufacturing process. From the initial stages of extensive study, precise extrusion to the final stages, our commitment remains unwavering.

Recognizing the significant impact of lost printing time, we prioritize these goals over immediate cost considerations. This philosophy serves our customers better in the long run, improving our position in the dynamic 3D printing market.


High Quality
3D Filaments

Each unique application comes with its own set of usage requirements, and each polymer exhibits distinct performance characteristics. At TreeD, we offer a wide range of filaments tailored to meet your specific needs. Explore our diverse selection and find the ideal filament that will unlock the full potential of your 3D printing projects. Experience the difference in quality, performance, and reliability that our filaments bring to your creations.


Extrusion since 1964
A long love story

Our philosophy is deeply rooted in our journey of extruding several tons of plastics over the years. With each passing batch, we have gained invaluable insights and honed our expertise. Quality, innovation, and sustainability form the core pillars of our philosophy. We strive to deliver filaments that not only meet the highest standards but also contribute to a greener future. Embracing forward-thinking practices and prioritizing customer satisfaction, providing exceptional filaments that inspire creativity and enable groundbreaking possibilities.

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