Treed is a unique 3D printing experience

It shapes the material for an accessible, precise and perfect print.

render peek 3d filament


Filaments designed for a purely industrial use. Physical performance characteristics resistant to shock and high temperatures. Ideal for printing industrial machine parts. Materials widely used in the automotive industry.

Image of a Longchain Strong Pa 3D Printing Filament


Filaments designed and manufactured to support high performance.
Excellent physical and structural characteristics of materials. Products dedicated to professional and specialist use.


Printing materials with zero impact on the environment. Every stage of production, study and composition of the printing filament, and even the packaging reflect a sustainable model to safeguard the planet.

RENDER Case-Elettrici_nero


Filaments dedicated to the world of electricity. Specific products to print parts and spare parts with technical characteristics of the electrical world. Insulating filaments, conductors or semiconductors.


The prototypes or mokups are fundamental in any work to verify the real correspondence with the initial project. Our filaments differ according to your printing needs.


Eco-friendly materials, perfectly crafted for every situation, from high speed to high temperature resistance.

Image of the Orange Filament Creator

We are direct and authentic producers

Here you will find only the highest quality of Made in Italy

In addition to producing, Treed creates and invents new printing materials.
We look for the easiest filaments to print and the best in terms of quality standards to make your Treed experience unique.
We specialize in 3d filament production for different industries such as industry and automotive.
At Treed you can also find reliable filaments for mokup and prototypes printing.

We put all our passion and know-how in the production of filaments, providing products with different mechanical and physical characteristics. Every single material compound is carefully tested directly in Treed Filaments, ready to be printed with most of the printers on the market. We produce filaments only with first choice materials ensuring the best repeatability in 3D printing, in time, spool on spool.

We are a planet-conscious company and we have created filaments that have zero impact on the environment, where even the coil that supports the filament is made of recycled material. The philosophy behind 3D printing has always been to repair and not replace! Respecting the environment and in line with our values, we have created filaments resistant to very high temperatures such as T-MAT, able to print parts for the repair of industrial machines, avoiding having to replace them.

You'll love TreeD Filaments. Just a few reasons:


We create filament formulas and only use certified polymers to make the final product solid, durable and the best on the market. We have a Quality department that certifies each coil with tests both in the heart of the filament and on the outer coating part.


We create our products and we can modify them to make them perfect. This results in zero printing problems! Our filaments do not deform and the filament diameter tolerance +0.02 -0.03 allows most printers to work continuously without interruption.


We have a state-of-the-art research and development team that constantly tests and tests new materials to shape new filaments not yet on the market.


We’re damn respectful of the environment! We already care about our planet and we work every day to reduce waste, reduce CO2 emissions in the environment and try to recycle as much material as possible. We’ve created a line of zero-impact filaments.

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