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Morini’s Bike-Case of Study

by | Sep 16, 2022 | Case Study, News


Andrea Pesarin, a student at the Politecnico di Milano, 4 years ago fell in love with this model made by the historic motorcycle manufacturer MotoMorini.

Buy a model 3   which need all the loving care that only a true motorcycle enthusiast can give him.

Work begins and Andrea finds that many spare parts are not available, even aftermarket. One of these concerns the rear shock absorbers and cover cup.

You can mount other new elements, but any amateur would say that it is not a good revision. Spacer rings and cover cup are analyzed for replacement.

The choice falls on the realization through additive printing, and for shock absorber was used Carbonio, polyamide 12 reinforced with carbon fibers, a material to be safe performance, for cover cup was printed Flexmark9, high drade TPU 90 shore A.

It seems a small thing, but also thanks to these small elements Andrea for two years uses his Morini 3   without problems to the rear shock absorbers.

Thanks Andrea for having recovered this piece of motorcycle engineering giving it new life in the utmost respect of those who thought, studied and built it

Our Solution

Here is the material used Carbonio Nylon and Flexmark 9

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