PC PBT GF vs Nylon GF

PCPBT GF vs Nylon GF PCPBT with glass fibers and nylon with glass fibers are both reinforced plastics that offer excellent mechanical properties. However, PCPBT has some advantages over nylon in terms of heat resistance, chemical resistance, dimensional stability, and rigidity. PCPBT can withstand temperatures up to 156°C, is resistant to many chemicals, has a…


Morini’s Bike-Case of Study

Introduction Andrea Pesarin, a student at the Politecnico di Milano, 4 years ago fell in love with this model made by the historic motorcycle manufacturer MotoMorini. Buy a model 3   which need all the loving care that only a true motorcycle enthusiast can give him. Work begins and Andrea finds that many spare parts…


3D filaments: a new future for rail transport

Every day, railways enable the mobility of millions of people throughout Europe. Although designed with the best criteria for safety and durability, many carriages end up, however, showing the signs of time, which brings some of their elements to the end of their lives. These components are often discontinued and re-supplying them is either impossible…


The annealing cycle

How to improve strength through post print annealing In the 3D printing world the annealing cycle, is a post-production process that allows different plastic materials to refine the mechanical and thermal properties of the filament. The annealing method is used to eliminate or release the internal tensions of the product and to avoid its breakage…


pps cf vs peek banner

The choice: PPSCF or PEEK

Before of all it’s better to know that in the polymer world there’re distinct area : Standard polymers, like ABS, PVC, HIPS, PP, PE etc, the most common materials used in a large range of applications. Techno polymers such PC, PET, PA etc, applied in elements with an upper level of performance than standard. High…


3D: the filament must be dry

The importance of using completely H2O-free raw materials It is not a choice. It is a rule! What is Hygroscopy Wikipedia’s definition of hygroscopy (or hygroscopicity) is: the ability of a substance or materials to readily absorb water molecules present in the surrounding environment. These substances are called hygroscopic. It is no secret that most…


hive the stool

Hive – The stool

The T-mat is born: lightness, mechanical and thermal resistance superior to a standard ABS DRIVERS OF CHOICE A project born as an internal company experiment whose result has given life to a new material. The idea stems from the Team’s need to have a resistant, ultralight, removable and easily assembled stool, to be used at…


Polymer alloy blog copertina

Polymer alloys: know it to improve in 3D printing

Polymer alloys: know it to improve in 3D printing Using additive 3D printing is an ongoing adventure. To explore this resourceful world, we need to know the basics. Let’s start with polymer and polymer alloy. To fully understand the complex world of polymers in 3D printing, we start from the basics, then from the notions…


pcpbt vs nylon

PCPBT vs NYLON: who will win the challenge in 3D printing?

In the world of 3D printing, materials often overlap with each other in numerous features and applications. In some cases, there are many points in common and this leads the user to choose the material superficially. In other cases, the point in common between two materials is one, at most two, and, in these situations,…