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3D filaments: a new future for rail transport

by | May 25, 2022 | Case Study, News

Every day, railways enable the mobility of millions of people throughout Europe. Although designed with the best criteria for safety and durability, many carriages end up, however, showing the signs of time, which brings some of their elements to the end of their lives. These components are often discontinued and re-supplying them is either impossible or too costly, so much that continued use of the wagons is uneconomic.

3d filaments: a new future for rail transport

Rather than being excluded from the rolling stock fleet, many rail cars in Europe are instead returning to rail service thanks to 3D printing. This advantageous recovery process is made possible thanks to the know-how of Chianti Tecnologie and to a special technopolymer developed by TreeD’s research: PC-ABS V0, which makes it possible to optimize costs without losing quality for the replacement of old electrical components in the carriages.

The advantages

Characterized by great mechanical strength and excellent heat resistance, TreeD’s PC-ABS V0 is, above all, a 3D printing filament certified as fire retardant according to the provisions of the European standard CEI EN 45545-2 regarding fire protection of railway rolling stock. In addition, this “halogen free” technopolymer boasts UL94 V0 certification at 1.5 mm and 5VA certification at 3.0 mm for plastics’ flammability safety.

Our Solution

Offered in TreeD’s “Electrica” line, PC-ABS V0 is also a 3D filament that is very easy to print, which is why it can be an excellent solution for automotive electrical components in addition to the railway industry


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