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Highest quality available. Made in Italy.

Here at TreeD Filaments we strive to create filaments that are the easiest to print while creating the new standard in performance.
To achieve this result we put all our passion and know how in the filaments production, giving you the most reliable and efficient filaments on the market.
Every single compound of materials is accurately tested in our factory, made ready to be printed with the majority of printers out there.
The use of first choice raw materials gives the best repeatability in 3d printing, time over time, spool over spool.

You'll love TreeD Filaments. Just a few reasons:

Top quality 3d printing filaments


Proprietary formulas and certified polimers result in rock-solid quality filaments. Everything is tested, outside & inside. Several times.

Easy to print 3d filaments


A high quality Filament makes 3D printing easier. The +0.02 -0.03 diameter tolerance will keep almost any 3D Printer running silk-smoot.

Outstanding 3D printing filaments


Beautiful, new materials for an outstanding look and feel. A top skilled team Researching & Developing new material. Constantly.

Ecologic 3d printing filaments


We love nature and do our best to keep it the way it is. From the Brand to the product & packaging, we are freaking environmentally friendly.

Lots of filaments for a truly Exotic Experience.


High performance materials, with astonishing characteristics, dedicated to professional use.


Superb filaments, dedicated to arts and architecture, perfect for mockups and lots of other uses.


Eco-friendly materials, perfectly crafted for every situation, from high speed to high temperature resitance.

Reseller Program: Open.

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