UV729 ASA – 1,75ø – 1Kg Spool

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UV-729. The outdoor dedicated filament
No worries about sunlight anymore.

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Made and designed entirely by Treed to meet the market demand that involves the display of 3D printed objects in the open air. The sun’s rays tend to spoil and alter objects exposed to the sun for a long time. Generally the first change is in the loss of color, the black begins to become washed-out tending to gray. And then the heat combined with the damage caused by UVA and UVB rays, deforms objects.

Treed has developed, after research and field tests, a 3d filament able to withstand high temperatures both for color sealing and for physical and mechanical characteristics. It does not discolor and does not deform.

UV729 hides the advantage of exceptional mechanical strength and allows a solid and stable printing. With UV729 you can print whatever you want and put it wherever you want, even under the sun in the middle of August!

In addition, UV729 has a matte surface finish, this allows you to further improve post-processing printing.
Simple to use, like an ABS.

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7035 Industrial Grey, 9003 Signal White, 9005 Black Hole