T-MAT – 1.75mm – 1 kg spool

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T-mat: special ABS alloy.

Heat seal, strong, durable and light weight.

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The T-mat is an ABS alloy with improved performance for characteristics such as heat resistance, resistance of the material, durability over time and extreme lightness.

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The T-mat is part of the ABS family but modified. Designed to have a superior mechanical and thermal seal when compared to a standard ABS. It is a material already present in industrial use in the automotive and white sector (household appliance – appliance). With the T-mat, for example, covers for industrial equipment and bodies for digital thermostatic valves are printed. Thanks to its remarkable heat resistance at high temperatures it has been used for the production of interior coatings for cars, photocopiers, vacuum cleaners and other small appliances. The effectiveness and resistance over time of the T-mat, indoors, are certainly superior to a standard ABS.
The T-mat is stronger and more tenacious, easy in post printing finishing. It is certain that T-mat is a material with high technical performance and has been selected to mold parts and spare parts in contact with very high temperatures.

Read our case study

For internal company needs we have personally tested the T-mat verifying all its characteristics. Here you can read our CASE STUDY in its entirety concerning the printing of a three-legged stool entirely built with T-mat and made according to the Dirichlet / Voronoi tessellation. A work that demonstrated how it is possible to 3D print a large object by combining so many different characteristics, typical of the T-mat, in a single project.

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