P51 POLYCARBONATE – 1,75ø – 500gr Spool

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P51, the Polycarbonate 3D printing Filament
Strong, tough, and transparent.

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Due to its strength and stability it is one of the most used and exploited polymers in the industry for 3D printing of technical parts or spare parts. The industry uses Treed P51 extensively because it is a polycarbonate that has many functional advantages.

Among these stands out the high resistance to high temperatures that allows P51 to be used in industrial machines that reach very high temperatures. This feature also highlights the solidity of the filament that does not deteriorate over time, remains stable in color and shape.

P51 is shock-resistant and does not deform.
For all these features P51 takes its name from the fighter North American P-51 Mustang, aircraft used in World War II. The polycarbonate was in fact adopted to build the monolithic domes where the pilot resided. Strong enough to withstand the impact of shrapnel and bullets and transparent enough to force pilots to wear sunglasses with dark lenses, the famous Rayban Aviator.

The polycarbonate is a thermoplastic polymer known for its transparency, which together with its mechanical properties makes it the natural substitute for glass. The absence of color allows 89% light permeability in the visible spectrum.
WARNING! The filament loses its transparency feature once 3D printed. It can return to its natural condition of transparency if worked post press with acetone.

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