CAEMENTUM – 1,75ø – 750gr Spool

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3d filament for architectural models, archeology and design.

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In the range of architectural filaments Caementum stands out for its texture exceptional cement color. ABS made with the addition of special mineral powders for
meet the requirements related to the modeling of the construction industry; perfect for printing architectural, archaeological and design mokup.

It is comfortable to work and fits the most of the printers on the market that adopt FFF and FDM technology.

Caementum makes it easy to remove print media without creating friction and hurdles. It lends itself very well to post-print finishes with fine sandpaper and water to obtain a glossy artifact with a natural color. Caementum is a 100% Italian product.

General print recommendations:

To obtain unique and excellent results we recommend to dry the filament to 70 º C for at least 2 hours. For reels of 1 kg increase the drying time.
During printing do not leave the filament stationary at the inside the nozzle for more than 20 minutes.
Stop thermal control if the temperature drops below 190 C. Follow the printer’s own instructions.

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