ABS ESD – 2.85mm – 750gr spool

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Highly insulating polymer that does not leak current.

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ABS ESD is an advanced and truly exceptional filament used in the electrical sector and electronic due to its property of isolating circuits and components from possible discharges electrical, hence ESD (electrostatic discharge), present in the air or close to the object from isolate. It is a highly functional and shielding material used in the printing of insulating and protective materials for electrical and electronic components such as trays e housing boxes for electronic boards.

ABS ESD has a very high shielding value, unique on the market. The resistivity of surface is & gt; 1.00.10 6 Ohm / sq, value considered to be electro shielding which prevents electrostatic charges to accumulate on the surface of the object, avoiding damage and electrical discharges.

ABS ESD is extremely resistant to shocks and high temperatures and does not deform. It is easy to print and does not cause print retraction problems and does not clog extrusion nozzles, allowing simple and continuous printing. It is compatible with most of the printers on the market that adopt the FFF and FDM technology. ABS ESD comes with matte finishes. It is a product made entirely by TreeD Filaments, 100% made in Italy.
Available in black.

General printing recommendations:

To obtain unique and excellent results we recommend drying the filament at 70 ° C for at least 2 hours. For 1 kg rolls, increase the drying time.

During printing, do not leave the filament stationary inside the nozzle for more than 20 minutes. Stop the thermal control if the temperature drops below 210° C.
Follow your printer’s instructions.

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