It’s time for Electrica

Protection and prevention are the keywords that drove us to create a new line entirely dedicated to the electrical sector and electronic.

Reliable and certified Electrica was created to answer the increasingly demanding questions in terms of regulations in the electrical and electronic sector.

To use, even in 3D printing, filaments with fireproof or insulating characteristics, reduce the risks and any damage that can be created from situations out of control causing serious damage to things or people.


We consider that the main cause of a fire in an electrical system is certainly the thermal energy produced by electricity; don’t worry if they are discharged electric, hot machine surfaces or sparks, the result does not change. Overloads not eliminated promptly or surface currents due to deposit of conductive dust or humidity, a short circuit, may be enough to send an electrical system into a tailspin.
Therefore, the importance of having raw materials that can prevent damage is fundamental, also to avoid high repair or replacement components costs.

TreeD has studied #3D filaments capable of preventing any sparks or fires with materials capable of self-extinction giving the possibility to certify their pieces according to UL94 class V0 certification, in the case of PAKK material also a starting from a thickness of 0.5 mm.
This means that in the event of a serious failure the material used in the system turns off autonomously within 10 seconds and not has dripping or melted parts.


Uncontrolled electrical discharges can lead to total failures and hidden anomalies in the devices, tampering with correct operation and increasing risks. Very frequently electrostatic discharges occur below human perception, but this does not mean that they do not cause damage, especially in the electronics sector. One discharge static must be at least 3,000 volts to be perceived by a man; 30 volts is enough to destroy a group of semiconductors. Normally electric discharges are not a risk for humans but they are in the electronics industry. The use of materials and ESD-proof equipment minimizes the danger of electric shock.
Use ESD-proof materials mean protection.

TreeD studied a filament to isolate circuits and components from possible discharges electrical present in the air or close to the object to be insulated with a shielding value very high, unique on the market. The surface resistivity is > 1.00.10 6 Ohm / sq, value considered to be electro shielding that prevents electrostatic charges from accumulating on the surface of the object, avoiding damage and electrical discharges.


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