Thermoplastic elastomer and reactive rubber of recycled tires

Sound impressive, doesn't it? Pneumatique!

Pneumatique - Thermoplastic Elastomer


There something more of unique – and secret – composition of this 3D filament.
Maybe it’s all about the miles that’s those tires travelled, before being revived into “fuel” for your creations and becoming even more special or maybe we owe it to explosive mix between swiss precision and italian passion.
Actually, what else could you ask for?


From one single tire it is possible to obtain enough pellet for the extrusion of 9 pneumatique filament spool of 500gr each.
Illegal dumping of tires is a serious threat to public health through the release of chemicals and pollutants into surrounding soil, groundwaters and rivers.


TRS want to reinvent tire recycling transform the scrap tire into a valuable and sustainable resource to build profitable, sustainable and global solutions for the collection, processing and recycling of scrap tires by developing and implementing innovative technologies and business processes.
Tires are gathered and carefully disassembled back in their original three components ( two lateral donuts and a central band) : this process makes selection and sorting of the necessary raw material much easier and more handy.

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