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From today we are back to support you in choosing the best filaments for your 3d printer.
Summer is about to end and we have to come back from our wonderful trips around the world. But not for everyone! There is someone who has fun with the 3d print even on a trip…
Today we talk about Angelo D’angelo and his 3DprinTravel project

3DprinTravel Project

Angelo’s idea combines his two greatest passions, travelling and 3D Printing.

He first searches a new location he wants to visit with a symbolic monument, he looks for its 3d file to download, if he does not find it he creates his own model instead, and he prints it. Then he travels to the chosen location, and he snaps a photo of the 3d modelwith the real monument in the background.

This project has allowed Angelo to realize 21 models from 17 different countries in Europe and Asia in less than two years. Among them there is the leaning Tower of Pisa, 3Dprinted with our Monumental 3D Filament .

We love Angelo’s story and we will always be available to provide the most suitable filament for his next destination.

Follow Angelo’s blog and Instagram profile fore more photos!

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